Our Mission

Windows for Peace, an innovative, interactive, outdoor exhibition is designed to
educate visitors to the Historic District of Crested Butte, Colorado and Vienna, Austria about Peace Heroes,
Peacemakers and Peace Allies. Peace Museum Colorado and Peace Museum Vienna work with businesses and
property owners to display informational graphics containing artwork and brief summaries of Peace Culture Heritage in highly visible public areas. The combination of visual graphics and often-historic, iconic local architecture is intended to be complementary, as they immerse the observer in the “everyday” environment of local Peace Heroes, Peacemakers and Peace Allies- near their homes and on the same streets they traveled.

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Windows For Peace is an initiative started by Peace Museum Colorado and Peace Museum Vienna to engage communities in furthering peace knowledge by putting posters of peace heroes in community windows. These posters feature prominent and lesser known heroes, but the main goal is to educate the public about heroes that have had major impacts on peace throughout the world.

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Windows 4 Peace In The News!

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Did you miss the STABILIZATION symposium? 

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On June 26-27, 2018, Creative Learning, the Elliott School of International Affairs at George Washington University, and other strategic partners gathered over 300 thought leaders, policy makers, legislators, development practitioners, peacebuilders, and the private sector to engage with the State, USAID, and DoD architects of the SAR and each other to dialogue about applying this new framework in practice, incorporating a multi-stakeholder approach, and addressing challenges to implementing coordinated stabilization programming.

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something to consider from The Institute for Economics & Peace:

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